Any website owner wants to be in the top ten of Google. After all, only then will customers and buyers come to him. Many are willing to pay big money for so-called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but in most cases this money is wasted.

Why is this happening? Google is constantly optimizing its search engine, which is by far the best in the world.

After the introduction of the Panda and Penguin algorithms, many traditional technologies for website promotion no longer work as well as they used to, or do not work at all. In particular, this applies to the most common method of raising a site in the ranking, like buying links.

Now the main condition for a site to be ranked in the top ten is its content. The better, higher quality and more original the content of the site – the faster it will enter the top ten of the search engine, and the longer it will retain its positions.

On the one hand, it has become more difficult for professional SEO companies to promote sites, and on the other hand, it has become available to the site owners themselves. The search has become much more relevant, that is, it is better to match the true state of affairs.

If earlier a site with weak content could occupy a leading position, now, as a rule, in the top ten we immediately find what interests us.

Why is it better to promote your site yourself?

Website promotion on your own has a number of advantages over attracting SEO specialists:

The budget for promotion can be significantly reduced if you provide contextual advertising yourself, and not through an SEO company.

How to promote a website yourself

Let’s say we want our site to be found by the query “Site Promotion”. To do this, we must do the following.

  1. Place a key query in the title of the publication, naming it, for example, “Website promotion by yourself”. It is better to immediately detail the request, because if you write simply “Website Promotion”, there will be too many competitors, and you will not be able to reach the top. For a detailed query, there is less competition and you will receive targeted traffic.
  2. Write the same request in the “title” tag (there is a special field for this in the Site Admin).
  3. Use the key request “Website promotion, or how to promote a website with your own hands” in at least one second-level heading (the title of the publication will automatically appear in the first-level heading).
  4. Several times to write the same words in the text of the publication, you can highlight it in bold (the text in bold is considered by the search engines to be more important than usual).
  5. Insert at least one image into the publication by adding the same keyword query to its description (alt tag).
  6. It is advisable to create another publication or page of the site, in the context of which our key request should be encountered. This text must be highlighted and made a link to the first publication entirely devoted to website promotion.

The fact is that the search engine reads our publications much more attentively than visitors, and evaluates it in terms of relevance (that is, compliance) with a particular query. If he sees that the text “SEO copywriting, or how to write texts for the site” leads to a publication with the same name, this is already a big plus.

And if in this publication this request occurs in the “title” tag, title, heading of the second level, in the text and in the caption for the picture, then it is obvious that this text has high relevance and should be given in the top ten for this request.

Thus, for successful website promotion it is quite enough to publish articles and news containing keywords and phrases on it several times a week. If the site’s engine is done correctly, then in a few days Google will index these publications, and targeted traffic will go from them.

In addition, it is necessary to publish ads and articles wherever possible, and put links in them to your site or its sections.

Contextual advertising

If by means of publications it is impossible to get into the top ten for the required key queries, or you need to quickly provide a large influx of visitors, you can use contextual advertising.

As a rule, Google quickly and well sees publications, but Yandex is much worse in this regard. Google will see the same article in a few days, and Yandex in a few months.

Therefore, it makes sense to place contextual advertising in Yandex, since many people still use this search engine out of habit. It is enough to read the description of the Yandex-Direct system, and any PC user will cope with this task.

Why you don’t need to order SEO

You need to understand that today there is no magic program, or any complex actions that SEOs can do to bring your site to the first positions of search engines.

In most cases, this is just pumping money out of customers who do not understand how a search engine works and how to promote a site.

If you need to prepare competent content, then no one except the customer himself will cope with this task better. If you are in business, then who, besides you, can know all its nuances? Is there a better computer scientist to write about your submersible pumps and gate valves, or about your oil presses?

Therefore, for a high-quality effect, the customer still needs to prepare all the material himself, and the SEO will only post it on the site. So isn’t it easier to place it yourself?

And finally. Many are afraid that they will write illiterately or incorrectly, or not in the same way as Dickens or Dostoevsky. Well, then it will not be Dickens or Dostoevskys who will read, but customers like you! The same people with whom you communicate every day.

Don’t be afraid to write in your own words. This is what search engines love the most – original content! Write the way you tell your customers on the phone, using the same words as you discuss your product with colleagues and customers.

And you will see how things will go better immediately!