No company that is active in the market can do without a website.

Your own website means new customers, communication, customer feedback, new sales.

Every year, the number of Internet users is growing at an accelerating pace, and those who do not pay attention to their presence on the Web find themselves behind the competition.

Multi-page site structure

Multi-page WordPress site includes the following main modules:

  • Home page
  • Inner Pages
  • Publications (articles, news)
  • Feedback


The site owner independently manages all the content of his site (texts, photos, videos, etc.). A convenient administrative panel allows you to do this without involving a webmaster.

Stages of creating a site

For most people, creating a website is a new business, but I have been making websites every day for many years.

Therefore, I do not require my clients to fill out briefs, write a technical assignment and try to describe in detail his website that does not yet exist. It is enough to describe the task in your own words and show a few examples.

Practice shows that it is better to see a live site with your own eyes and try how it reacts to the actions of a visitor, than to fiddle with briefs and design sketches for months while competitors are already getting customers from their sites.

It is much faster and cheaper to simply make a website template, and then, together with the customer, make the necessary adjustments to it.

Therefore, I do not puff out my cheeks, and do not try to impress the client with special terms. I just make websites!

This is how it works:

How much is a website

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